7 Essentials for Your First Aid Kit This Summer

Now that my son Nacho is 5, I’ve learned that a portable first aid kit is one of our summer essentials (I like this one from Target). My boy spends nearly all of his time exploring local parks, playgrounds, and beyond with his friends. Of course, boo boos are bound happen during their outdoor adventures, so I’ve prepared myself for every minor emergency. Here’s what I have on hand every time we go outdoors:

1. Bandages 

Yes, this one is obvious but worth a reminder; make sure to keep some cute band-aids, like these, in your bag.


2. Instant cold packs

Portable cold packs help soothe bumps and bruises in minutes.

3. Bug bite remedy

Unfortunately, peak mosquito season coincides with summer. After Bite is a great soothing solution, and it’s made with natural ingredients like tea tree oil and aloe vera.

4. Antibiotic spray

Keep those scrapes and cuts from getting infected with a cooling, no-rub spray.

5. Ointment for bee stings

Motherlove Green is great for bites, bee stings, and even rashes. A little goes a long way!

6. Gauze

For cuts that require more than a single band-aid, I like flexible gauze that will stick without any tape.

7. Tweezers

Get rid of splinters — fast — with a trusty pair of tweezers. A quick spritz of antibiotic spray will help ensure that they’re clean before you use them.

Photo: Getty