Report: Baby Survives 11-Story Fall from Apartment Balcony

A 15-month-old Minneapolis boy is being cared for in the hospital after surviving an 11-story fall.

According to reports, Musa Dayib slipped through the slits of an apartment balcony railing and plummeted 11 stories, landing in a large patch of mulch. He was rushed to Hennepin County Medical Center, a pediatric level-one trauma center near his home.


Musa is listed in critical condition; he suffered a concussion, as well as fractures to his arms, ribs, and spine. The baby also punctured a lung, according to Christine Hill, the hospital's spokesperson.

The baby is being treated by Tina Slusher, MD, who reports that Musa "miraculously" avoided any major head injury. Dr. Slusher says she has never seen a child survive such a dramatic fall. "It's a gift from God to Musa's family, because he shouldn't have made it," she adds.

Photo: Shutterstock