When Mom’s Sick

I’ve spent the last several days in a agonizing pain and discomfort. No. I wasn’t reading Fifty Shades of Gray. I had a stomach bug.


Sorry. I couldn’t resist.

Seriously, though, there’s nothing worse than a stomach bug and in our house, those little bug sweep through the house like a tornado, wiping out everyone in its path. This time it started with Joseph feeling some “mild discomfort” resulting in him running to the bathroom to toss his cookies. Twelve hours later, he was fine and Elizabeth had it. Twelve hours after that, she was fine. And I thought I was in the all clear because, as we know, moms don’t get sick.


I was wrong.

And for some reason, when it hit Mom, it hit hard. We’re talking category 4 here. 

Was it because I’m older? More stressed out? More melodramatic? Better able to live tweet my pain and agony?

I didn’t really. But I thought about it!

Thankfully, this was one of those rare times being a single mom who is co-parenting with a flexible partner is a a huge benefit. All it took was one phone call with a weakly gasped “Help” and my ex picked up the kids for unscheduled Daddy time, leaving me with a bottle of sparkling water and reassurance that I’d survive until morning.

And somehow, I did.

It made me happy, though, that I had back up for the kids. I can’t imagine how some of my single mom friends – who are the only parent in their child’s life – do it. I’m not going to ask. Like we’ve joked before, single parenthood is a house of cards. Try to see what one card looks like and the whole thing will tumble.

How do you cope with being sick as a mom?