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The Budget Mom, Kumiko Love, Is Releasing Her Very Own Book

The Budget Mom is getting her very own book!

Kumiko Love, also known as The Budget Mom, is releasing her personal finance how-to book, My Money My Way: Taking Back Control of Your Financial Life via Penguin Random House. Love’s blog has amassed quite the following over the years. Moms everywhere love her resources, tips, tricks, templates, and humor, all of which revolve around being a single divorced mom.

The Budget Mom Had Humble Beginnings

Love’s relatable nature is part of what makes her so popular among fellow moms. And it all stems from the struggles she faced, herself, according to The Spokesman. At one point, she was thousands of dollars in debt. With a salary of only $24,000/year.  She recalls buying her son a $1 ice cream with a credit card.

Ready to double-down on taking control of her finances, Love started The Budget Mom. On her blog, she documented her financial journey, held herself accountable, and created her own “budget-by-paycheck” method. Since 2016, she’s eliminated nearly $77,000 in debt.

Now, Love is an accredited financial counselor, lives in her dream home that she bought outright, and helps others seize control of their lives. She’s even appeared on Good Morning America, The Today Show, CNN, and Inside Edition.

“All this content I’ve put out into the world that’s sporadically on YouTube, Instagram, all these different places – it really is all in this book,” Love explains. “I even go into things that I don’t talk about very often such as retirement, investing, debt payoff, saving, and my budget-by-paycheck method.”

Love hopes that other moms, in a similar position, will be able to create “an overall financial plan foundation” for themselves after reading.

“My Money My Way” is available for pre-order at Auntie’s Bookstore and The Budget Mom website.

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