Lizzo Gifted Her Mom A New Wardrobe For Her Birthday

Grammy-winning singer Lizzo gave her mom Shari Johnson-Jefferson a glow up for her birthday by gifting her a completely new wardrobe curated by stylist Jason Rembert!

In an emotional video posted to Instagram, Lizzo follows her mom into the walk-in closet, saying, “wow, it’s set up nice in here, huh!” As her mom looks around in awe, she’s remains unaware everything in the closet now belongs to her.

“Look at these clothes!” the singer says. “You like these clothes? These are your clothes!” Cue the waterworks from mom. After finally letting the gift sink in, Johnson-Jefferson jokes, “I won’t look like a bum anymore!” They both share a laugh as Lizzo answers, “not on my watch!”

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Lizzo explained the wonderful gift to her mother in the sweet caption. “Ever since daddy passed you’ve been telling me it’s been hard to dress nice for yourself,” she wrote. “I know I can’t bring ur best friend back… but I still wanna give you the world. Happy birthday mommy, I love you. Time to be FLYY, girl! Thank you (stylist) Jason Rembert!”

This wasn’t the first time Lizzo showered her mother with a lavish gift. In Christmas 2020, she surprised her mom with an Audi SUV.


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“Got my mommy a brand new Audi for Xmas. I remember crying in my car when my daddy passed, no job no money nowhere to live, wishing I could one day provide for my family,” she wrote in the caption. “I couldn’t do it for my dad so ima make sure I spoil Mama. Happy holidays y’all.”

Lizzo has been open about the death of her beloved father in 2009, which led her to drop out of college. “I was depressed. I didn’t have a purpose, like I didn’t feel like I had a purpose for being a musician or anything. So that turned into, ‘Oh can I sleep on your couch,’ and that eventually, I got really guilt ridden. So all I had was this car. It was a Subaru,” she told CBS This Morning. “That was my home for a little. I spent Thanksgiving in that car, and I remember I cried myself to sleep.”

Here’s to healing and wishing Lizzo’s mom many birthdays to come!

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