Jed and Katey Duggar
Via Instagram

Jed and Katey Duggar’s Pregnancy Announcement Is Insensitive and Cringey

Via Instagram

Three days ago, Jed Duggar and his wife, Katey Duggar, broke the news on Instagram that they were expecting their very first child together in one of the most inconsiderate ways possible.

In their Instagram-worthy picture pose of the two of them sharing a kiss while announcing on a letterboard, “And then there were 3. Baby Duggar, Spring ’22” Jed captioned the post by saying, “She tested positive but not for COVID *winky face* link in bio! *double swirl heart emoji.”

It was an adorable post until that caption. Yes, it’s supposed to be a joke. Ha. Ha. No one wants a positive COVID test. But, seriously? How is telling the world that you are bringing in a new life comparable to COVID? It is just as insensitive as announcing a fake pregnancy on April Fool’s Day.

Sure, some people will think this article is a bit overdramatic. But, COVID is not a joking matter. In the last fourteen days, there have been 20,694 deaths related to COVID. Yes, that’s right. In a matter of two weeks, more than 20,000 people have died. But, let’s also not forget that the total loss of lives during the pandemic is a staggering 653,000.

Yes, this pregnancy is worthy of celebration and recognition. It’s a beautiful thing to be able to create life. But, to announce it at the expense of a pandemic that has ripped away loved ones from over 650,000 family members is disgusting. They are declaring the precious blessing that is life while mocking death.

Yay! They won!! While so many others have not.

Come on! It’s not okay to post a fake pregnancy test on April Fool’s Day (or any other day) for the most simplistic fact: 2,000 women lose a baby every day due to pregnancy and infant loss. But, sometimes, it’s okay to be a little bit sensitive and politically correct in the face of death.

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