A Day at Home with Sick Kids Mad-Lib

One morning, two brothers woke up with sore voices and feet.

The brothers’ preschool specifically stated that anyone with sore feet must stay home for three weeks. The family played hide and seek. Daddy hid at work. For breakfast, the brothers wanted waffles bagels chicken nuggets. After breakfast, they played jump on your brother until he cries. Then they hit each other with monkeys. For snack time, the brothers asked their mommy for tootsie-pops. When she said no, they cried for forty-seven years because they couldn’t find their octopus. For lunch, the brothers ate fruity-snacks on fruity-snacks. After lunch they napped for twelve seconds. Then their mother let them cut up juice boxes and glue them to the table. After that, the brothers watched fourteen hours of television and their mother drank a cup of cough syrup. For dinner, the brothers ate mac and cheese s’mores. After dinner, they changed into their pyjamas power ranger costumes, brushed each other’s noses, coughed on their mommy, and went to sleep come up with ingenious ways to coax parents back upstairs.