6 Healthy Mother-Daughter Bonding Ideas

Part of what made that time together so special,  is that we were able to share the things important to us. Now, as an adult and a fitness coach, one of my favorite things is to see families working out together. I love it when mothers and daughters join my gym together and share their journey toward health and fitness. Not only are they more likely to be successful, having a partner in their endeavor, but they have more fun and create even more bonds in their relationship.

As Mother’s Day approaches, another opportunity for mother-daughter bonding is presented and possibly another time to make our bodies a priority. In the end, the better we treat our bodies, the more time we will have together as mothers and daughters, and as families and here are 6 simple ideas to help get you going in that direction.


Hiking is a great way to get exercise, fresh air outdoors, and to have the opportunity to talk. There is hiking to be found just about anywhere and it is a great escape from the daily grind. For ideas on local hikes, check out this trails website.

Hip-Hop Class

You know we all secretly wish we could be dancers! Now is your chance to learn some new moves and just let go of your worries. What better way for a mother-daughter to bond than to get silly together and try something totally new like Hip-Hop. Most cities have instructors who teach hip-hop for beginners. It is a great and fun way to get fit!


Time for a total break and to get off the carousel of life for a while. Rejuvenate your body, stretch out your limbs and get the good energy flowing by taking a yoga class together. Even though you won’t be conversing, you’ll still find the shared experience of yoga a potentially deepening one.


Maybe you’re a mother-daughter duo that likes to get your worries out through more intense exercise. Kickboxing is a great way to get out the extra energy and get rid of life’s anxieties! Hire a personal trainer for an hour, put the gloves on and learn some Kickboxing moves.


Looking for something a little adventurous? Find an indoor rock climbing gym. Rock climbing is more about technique than strength and has something for people of all fitness levels. Take a beginner class on either the boulders or belaying and see how fun and liberating it can be to get up high! Afraid of heights? Harness your mother-daughter powers to overcome it together!


Mothers and daughters get a chance to hold each other up, literally as well as metaphorically! Just make sure you wear your elbow pads and knee pads and rollerblading can be a great way to see the outdoors and get your legs and lungs working at the same time.

Whatever activity you choose, the most important thing is that you celebrate your time together as mother and daughter. Making an investment in your health will come back to you in the shape of increased happiness and longer lives. What a great way to be role models and inspirations for each other!


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