Parent Guide: Cuphead

About Cuphead

The classic run and gun action game, Cuphead is inspired by 1930’s hand drawn animations. Cuphead and Mugman travel through fantastical worlds to obtain new weapons, discover new powers, and fight bosses to repay a debt to the devil.

Platforms: Windows PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series


Rated: E10+

Parent Guide

Best for: Ages 8 and up


Humorous cartoon violence, nothing graphic


The word “Hell” is used frequently

Mature Content

Several references to gambling, smoking and drinking alcohol.


The devil might be a little scary for younger children.


Cuphead is a very unique and fun game to play however it is also very difficult. Younger players may find the game frustrating even when the game is set on the “easiest” setting. There is a lot of violence toward other characters but it is all cartoon animated violence with no blood or gore. Because of the difficulty and theming we recommend this game for older kids and teens.