Parent Guide: My Dad the Bounty Hunter

Follows two children as they discover that their father is the toughest bounty hunter in all the galaxy when they accidentally hitch a ride into space.

Rated: TV-Y7

Where to Watch: Netflix

Parent Guide

Best for: Ages 6 and up


Hand–to-hand combat, no blood

Fights with laser of blasters


Occasional name calling like “stupid”

Mild language like “crap”

Mature Content



Mild fighting and battle scenes

Occasional suspenseful situations


My Dad the Bounty Hunter is an animated series on Netflix. The show is about 2 siblings, Lisa and Sean, who accidentally find themselves on an intergalactic journey with their father. In a effort to spend more time with their father the pair stow away in their father’s trunk only to discover he isn’t a delivery drive by an alien bounty hunter. The trio find themselves in sometimes perilous situations, including fights and use of weapons. The series includes mild violence and occasional situtaions that may be too much for younger audiences.

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