7 Cool Camping Gadgets For Your Family

The mere suggestion of a family camping trip may make you break out into a sweat. Hell, you’d rather play Candyland with the kids for the fiftieth time than venture out into the woods for a few nights. But getting everyone into the great outdoors can actually end up being a great experience. Not only are you fostering a lifelong appreciation of the natural world, but what’s bad about s’mores every single night? Plus, going camping doesn’t necessarily mean you have to rough it. There are plenty of clever gadgets that make sleeping in a tent  and getting dirty a little more comfortable.

Whether you’re looking for basics like a grill or something to make life less buggy, like a remote bug repeller, there are plenty of products to enhance your experience in the great outdoors. Here are 7 cool camping gadgets you can count on when you wander into the vast wilderness.

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