12 Beach Games To Have Fun In The Sun With The Whole Family

We love our winter escapes to the beach. Swapping subzero temps for blue water and white sand is a tried-and-true cure-all for cabin fever. As much as we love the waves and shells, multiple days at the beach can get monotonous if there isn’t anything to break up all the napping and reading. We usually travel with our extended family, so games and activities that work for toddlers, tweens, and adults help us bond while fighting boredom. Check out these 12 fun beach games that are sure to create family fun.


Beach I Spy Printable 

I Spy a family having fun! This printable (don’t forget to laminate it ahead of time) I Spy game will engage kids and teach them how to pay attention to detail. A perfect activity to do under the umbrella when everyone needs a break from the sun.

Source: Simple Play Ideas

12 Beach Games for Family Fun

Sandy Rope Snake

A jump rope becomes a slithering sand snake when three players play this wiggly rope game. Jump to avoid being bit by the snake!

Source: Mom Junction


12 Beach Games for Family Fun

Family Beach Yoga

Wake up or wind down as a family with a session of beach yoga. Google to find lots of kid-friendly poses.

Source: kidrocketbmx


12 Beach Games for Family Fun

DIY Beach Scavenger Hunt and Printable

Search for sandy souvenirs and sights with this free printable beach scavenger hunt sheet. Up the challenge for the adults by adding unusual finds to the list.

Source: View from a Step Stool


12 Beach Games for Family Fun

Beach Tic Tac Toe Printable

Rocks and shells are perfect for a seaside game of tic tac toe. Simply laminate (or use a sleeve protector for) the free printable game board.

Source: Hello, Wonderful


12 Beach Games for Family Fun

DIY Beach Skee-Ball

Sculpt a small ramp in the sand, and create one or more holes that kids and adults can sink a croquet ball into to make this beach skee-ball game.

Source: Life with Leo


12 Beach Games for Family Fun

Beach Olympic Hurdles Game

Use hula hoops for hurdles to create a sandy version of the Summer Games.

Source: A Small Snippet


12 Beach Games for Family Fun

Beach Relay Race

Make a pool noodle or rolled paper baton to start a beach relay race off on the right foot.

Source: A Small Snippet


12 Beach Games for Family Fun

DIY Colorful Sand Castles

Use non-toxic dye to turn regular sand into a sensation. The entire family can color then create masterpieces to match their imagination.

Source: Diana Rambles


12 Beach Games for Family Fun

2-D Sand Castle Competition

Challenge teams of family and friends to design amazing 2-D sand castles. Rocks, shells, and small sticks are ideal materials for castle outlines.

Source: Jean Van’t Hul


12 Beach Games for Family Fun

DIY Beach Bowling

Pack small cups with sand to form bowling pins. Grab a ball, and roll your way to a strike or two.

Source: Inspired by Family


Beach Tie-Dye Art

Make colorful tie-dye items with sand at the beach. Instead of tying, use sand to resist the dye and to create cool designs and patterns.

Source: Home & Away


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