Packing Hacks Moms Who Travel Often with Their Kids Swear By

Are you about to take the kids on a trip? Well, brace yourself, because it isn’t easy. I swear, when I was single I would just throw a few essentials in a light bag, sling it over my shoulder, and be on my way. Now? Not so much. Suddenly I find myself standing on a scale holding a suitcase filled with a thousand onesies and spare My Little Pony underwear and dolls and books and more clothes and extra diapers, wondering what we can possibly live without in order to meet the airline’s baggage weight requirements.

Packing for kids is insanity. It’s a test. It’s a gameshow. It’s a science experiment. And I’m about to go through it all over again. My family and I have an upcoming overseas trip, but this time I’m ready. The suitcases are out of storage, my bed has become my work-station, and I’m ready to pack these bags to perfection. Why so confident, you ask? Well, because I asked around and got some genius packing tips and hacks from the most seasoned world-traveling mamas I know. Between us, we’ve got some stellar advice, so check it out, and don’t break out in a cold sweat the next time you have to pack for a trip with the fam.


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