6 Uber-Fun Ways to Keep Kids Active When It’s Freezing Outside


With a long cold winter ahead of us, keeping kids active can be tough. Start the new year off right with these “toys” that will help keep kids active when it’s freezing outside.


Fun products like an indoor snowball fight, indoor “river rocks,” and more help keep kids active even in small spaces inside and allow the whole family to start the new year off right. 

1. River Stones

We recently picked up a set for our three-year-old son, and the play options are endless. From hopping games to pretending the stones will help us make it across a river filled with alligators, we keep very busy with these stones. These are also great for large motor skill development. (Buy it: $58.99, Amazon.com)

2. Monkey Bars Tower

While this is a larger option, it is a great one for kids who have that natural need to climb. Its footprint is large but not impossible for most houses, at only six feet wide. (Buy it: Amazon.com)

3. Moluk Bilibo

This fun option is sometimes talked about as a “teeter-totter for one.” Visit the website to see many different ways to play with this fun toy. (Buy it: $26.89, Amazon.com)

4. Kids Indoor or Outdoor Trampoline

A trampoline is a huge gift, but it’s one that could help kids burn off all kinds of energy in the winter. (Buy it: $229.99, Diapers.com)

5. Foam Pogo Jumper

This jumper is a modern and slightly easier version of the traditional pogo stick. I love the price and the fact that anyone can use this awesome jumper indoors or out. (Buy it: $14.95, Amazon.com)

6. Indoor Snowball Fight Set

What is a better winter activity than a snowball fight? We love this “snowball” fight set, which allows us to play and get good exercise regularly. The balls feel like snow and they are so much fun! They aren’t strong enough to knock much over, so we haven’t had issues playing anywhere in our house. The package comes with several game options that will work for almost any family. 

We’ve invested in several of these options and received the snowball set for our three-year-old. They make a huge difference in keeping my son active. And let’s be honest: They help keep us adults active too. (Buy it: $28.50, Amazon.com )

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