[FREE PRINTABLE] The Staycation Scavenger Hunt


Hey gang! Still jonesing for a few final summer adventures? If you’re not quite ready for fall, I’ve got the perfect thing for you. You may have run out of vacation days or the kids might be back in school, but how about a little staycation adventure, right in your own hometown? This is possibly the simplest DIY ever, leading to what are sure to be good times and great memories. All you need are a few days at home (a weekend, perhaps?) and our free printable, and you’ve got yourself the perfect excuse for a staycation scavenger hunt that’ll help you find adventure right at home.




Step 1: Download and print the Staycation Scavenger Hunt.


Step 2: Cut the pages so that each family member has their own list.


Step 3: Go out and find some fun! Use the scavenger hunt list to inspire the activities on your staycation. As you find or complete an item on the hunt, cross it off and decide on the next one. Feel free to add your own ideas to the list as you go. Happy staycation!


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