Family Vacations: How to Remember Your Travels

Pictures, souvenirs, trinkets…if you love traveling with your kids then you’ll be into these three ideas for creating fun trip remembrances. Keep reading for 3 great ways to remember your travels!

Souvenir Pennies


Photo: stevendepolo on Flickr

Okay, if you are anything like me, you’ve probably passed the souvenir penny machines a thousand times without so much as a pause. But while you might be asking what on earth you could do with these tiny trinkets, they actually make fabulous souvenirs—if you collect them as a family. A friend of mine bought my kids one at a stop in New York this winter, and then I ended up buying another. We are only a few pennies into our collection, but I love seeing how the kids like to pull them out of the jar I keep them in and remember the places we’ve been.

On the fun scale, that’s huge. And at under a dollar a piece, you can’t beat the cost. Just be sure to always have coins with you.

Instagram into Real Life


Are you an Instagram addict? I am! When my kids and I recently traveled to Philadelphia, I Instagramed our way through the whole city—including while checking out the Liberty Bell. But don’t think those fun, square images can only live in the digital archives. No, you can have them printed into the cutest little Instagram books. Artifact Uprising prints them in two sizes with prices starting at $16.99 for a 40 page book. How cool is that?

Keep a Travel Journal


Of course, this one is a classic. Every time my kids and I travel, we take notebooks with us to record our favorite spots, impressions, and more. Sometimes the kids doodle pictures of things they love. Not only are the notebooks fun to look back on, but they also make instant souvenirs perfect for show and tell at school. Don’t forget to pick up pencils and other writing utensils too.

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