These 29 Indoor Games Will Occupy Your Kid For Hours

Are you looking for great indoor games for your kids? I live in Los Angeles, so it’s pretty much 70 degrees and sunny most days of the year. (I know, it sounds like I’m bragging, but we will probably run out of water and wind up perpetually thirsty so don’t be jealous.) Still, I’ve had those cold, rainy days with stir-crazy kids, so I can only imagine what it’s like for parents who deal with week-long snowstorms and freezing temps. Plus, there are those stifling hot days when all you can do is sit in the air-conditioning. Enter indoor games. Because here’s the thing: Even children who love TV and movies can only watch so many shows until they’re ready to do something, anything else. And despite the fact that your house is practically bursting with toys, toys, and more toys, it can get a little been-there, done-that after several days stuck inside.

So, the next time you’re trapped at home with nothing to do, try one of these amazingly fun and creative indoor games for kids!

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