Stained “Glass” Doily Window Craft

Winter is almost over, so you better squeeze in all the seasonal crafts while you can. This is a beautiful craft to do with kids that you can tape to your window and watch sparkle. Let your kids personalize theirs for customized window decor. Try this DIY today.


  • red tissue paper
  • blue tissue paper
  • green tissue paper
  • 3 paper doilies, 6 inches in diameter
  • scissors
  • spray adhesive
  • Stained "Glass" Printable pattern
  • double-sided tape
  • pencil


Step 1: Print out the Stained "Glass" Printable pattern.

Step 2: Place one of the paper doilies over the Santa pattern (or other pattern of your choice), trace it onto the center of the back of the doily. If you can’t see the pattern through the doily you can hold it up to the window, or cut the pattern out and lay it in the center of the back of the paper doily and trace around it. Trace it lightly with a pencil.


Step 3: Use small fine-point craft scissors to carefully cut out the pattern from the center of the paper doily. Once you're done cutting out the shape, erase any lines or pencil marks still showing on the doily.

Step 4: Use the circle pattern to cut a circle from the tissue paper to go with the shape you just cut out. To do this, place the circle under the tissue paper, trace the circle line, and cut it out. Use the red tissue paper for Santa, the blue tissue paper for the present, and the green tissue paper for the tree. You can also use your imagination and mix up the colors, or use different colors if you’d like.


Step 5: Spray the back of the center part of the doily (around where the pattern is cut out) with spray adhesive, and place the tissue paper circle firmly over the adhesive. The tissue paper color should show through the shape you cut out of the center of the doily.


Step 6: Set the doily ornament aside to let the adhesive dry.


Step 7: Add a small piece of double-sided tape and adhere your doily to a window.

Step 8: Repeat the process with the other two patterns and the other two colors of the tissue paper.