DIY Alphabet Block Birthday Candles

Am I the only one that experiences the “birthday cake moment” with my kids? On their birthdays, right as my kids blow out their birthday candles, I experience this quick rush of sadness and gratefulness all at once. Sad that they’re one step closer being completely independent, but grateful that we made it through another year relatively unscathed. Without fail it hits me every year, right as they’re making a wish in front of their cake.


This year, I’m going to make that “birthday cake moment” even more special with DIY wooden ABC block birthday candles. It’s a simple project I did in less than one hour with old blocks my kids outgrew, but I’d been saving as mementos of their early childhood. I’m glad I found a way to reuse them. You can play with words—spell happy, wish, or dream, or go with the birthday boy or girl’s name. 

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wish wood block birthday candles



Step 1: Find the wooden blocks for your custom name or phrase.

wood alphabet blocks WISH

Step 2: Determine the best drill bit, one that is approximately the same circumference as your candle. Drill a hole about ½ inch to 1 inch deep into each block.

drilling a hole into a wood block

Step 3: Place candles inside the wood blocks. If they seem too loose, you can add glue to the bottom of the candle before inserting it into the hole. If you picked the right drill bit, it should fit nice and snug into the wood block.

wish letter block candles confetti

Step 4: Set the blocks out with candles, and get ready for some cake!

wish birthday cake letter block birthday candles

Here’s how a name looks on the cake:

leo birthday cake abc letter block candles

Once the celebration is over, recycle the wood blocks into photo frames. Find wire to insert into the block, curl the top, and add a photo. 

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