DIY Home Fragrance: 12 Projects To Make A Stinky House Smell Amazing

You can have the cleanest home on the block, but if it doesn’t smell good, then your work was all for nothing. And if you have kids, a dog or both, there’s a good chance your house will smell funky every now and then. I’m a big believer in burning candles, incense, melting wax, and spraying any kind of spray to make every inch of my house smell fresh. (I even keep a room spray in my car and spritz it before friends hop in!) While you can totally head to the store and buy all these products, why not try your hand at making something custom and natural? You can control the amount of chemicals you bring into your home, and you can also pat yourself on the back every time a friend or family member compliments the lovely smell of your place!

If you want your house to smell awesome with a DIY home fragrance, check out one of these 12 smell-good projects!