12 Impossibly Cool Emoji Crafts for Kids

I have to confess that I’m “that person” who can’t resist adding an emoji (or five) every time I text my family and friends. My best friend receives countless thumbs up icons and yes, even the occasional poop sign from me. While in return, unicorns, birthday cakes, and the random kitty cat with heart eyes often pop up on my phone. Emojis are fun, silly, and for a while now, pretty trendy.

Kids are also obsessed with emojis. Walk into any elementary school or middle school and you’ll instantly see at least five students with them on their t-shirts, backpacks, and shoes. Kids also love to craft. So why not combine the two to make an emoji-inspired craft that will turn your kiddo into the coolest kid in class?


I’ve rounded up some easy emoji crafts to brighten up your kid’s day. There are a few projects in here that may even inspire you, too. (Insert smiley face, rainbow and pink heart here.)


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