DIY Christmas Cookie Wrappers

The best gifts around the holidays are the ones you can nibble on. From homemade cakes and pies to cookies and candied nuts, it is always a veritable smorgasbord of treats from Thanksgiving all the way to New Year’s. This year, I am using a creative new way to package up my Christmas cookies. Instead of giving them in Tupperware or on a paper plate covered in Saran Wrap, I am dressing them up as gifts themselves in these DIY Christmas cookie wrappers. 


  • Cookies (This will work just as well with homemade chocolate chip cookies as it will with Candy Cane Joe Joes.)
  • Wrapping paper (This is an awesome new design from Ikea.)
  • Wax paper
  • Scotch tape
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Gift tags




Step 1: Decide the number of cookies you are going to give in each wrapping, and cut enough wrapping paper and wax paper to cover each cookie stack.


Step 2: Wrap your cookie stack in wax paper and tape the ends. The goal is to seal it off much like you would find a roll of Ritz Crackers fresh out of the package.


Step 3: Wrap your cookie package in wrapping paper, being sure to align the design to your desired spot. Tape the wrapping paper closed around your cookie stack.


Step 4: Tie ribbons on each end of the cookie stack to make it look like a giant piece of candy.


Step 5: Add a gift tag and gift them to all your friends and family!

cookies10 cookies11 cookies12

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