12 Innovative Uses for Tin Cans

Recycling cans is not a new concept, but repurposing them takes it one step further! It seems like we go through so many a week. From refried beans to chicken broth, surely there had to be something I could do with all those cans. So I went hunting around, and it turns out there are a bunch of really cool and useful things you can make from old tin cans.

Revamp those basic containers and give them new life by transforming them into art, vases, games, even lamps! Check out my favorite innovative uses for tin cans below.


Tin Can Pincushion

pincushion 033

Reuse an almond tin and create this adorable pincushion. If you sew a lot (or know someone that does) this makes a great little handmade gift.  Via Living with Punks

Tin Can Totem Pole


Just in time for outdoor fun, you can have your kids get in on the action and paint their faces on each coffee can.  Via Spoonful

Tin Can Votive Holders


Contemporary mood lighting is achieved by using old tin cans and a little scrapbook paper. Use a little hot glue to secure the candles.  Via Croissant and Lavender

Mini Art Studio


Use an old mint tin to create this tiny traveling companion. There is even a pocket to keep blank paper for coloring on the go.  Via A Girl and a Glue Gun

Bulb Pusher


Reuse old paint cans or biscuit tins to force your springtime bulbs. Line them all up on a table for maximum effect.  Via Nordin Garden

Office Supply Organizer


Beautify some used vegetable cans with a little fabric and have an instant organizer for all your desk essentials.  Via Momtastic

I Can Craft


Vintage cookie and coffee cans get re-purposed into a handy craft supply organizer. Pick them up at your local thrift shop!  Via BHG

Utensil Caddy


With a little paint and elbow grease, you can make this adorable silverware dispenser for your next party.  Via  Madame Creativa

Can Light

2010May27School (4) (1)

This desk lamp seems like something out of a Disney movie, but the tin can taskmaster is an easy way to customize your space.  Via Those Northern Skies

Twine Can Vase


You can make this chic and earthy vase for fresh flowers in a few minutes using basic twine and a large can.  Via The Thrifty Crafter

Can Lanterns


Reusing paint cans has never looked so good! Create your own design for special parties or just relaxing evenings on the porch.  Via Design Sponge

Tin Can Stilts

8431788411_01ff2d1c42_cHours of fun can be had with a few re-purposed tin cans. Let the kids decorate their own and spend hours walking tall.  Via Babble Dabble Do

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