10 Home Decor DIY Lifehacks

Doing some DIY projects around the house? If you need quick tips on how to get jobs done, watch these videos (made by Lowe's) below—each one is about 6 seconds and will blow your mind with a useful lifehack. Keep refreshing the page to watch all 10 videos and learn:

  • how to remove a stripped screw
  • how to safely remove a broken lightbulb
  • how to remove excess paint from a paintbrush without dripping
  • how to get precise measurements when hanging a shelf
  • how to set tiles so that they're evenly spaced using what you have at home
  • how to insert a screw in a hard-to-reach place
  • how to use what you have at home as a paint tray liner
  • how to safely and easily remove rust stains from knives
  • how to keep extension cords untangled
  • how to keep fresh nails within reach

Watch to learn!