Mother’s Day Printable Cupcake Toppers DIY Craft

Want to make Mother's Day really special? Celebrate with Happy Mother's Day Cupcakes topped with these free printable Mother's Day Cupcake Toppers. Assembling these toppers is a fun DIY you can even do with the kids. Once they are done, simply insert the cupcake topper in the frosting and you have a great edible gift you can serve with Mother's Day brunch or for dessert.




Step 1: Print out the Happy Mother’s Day free printable sheet on the card stock. You can also use heavy paper if you don’t have card stock handy. There are 12 printables per sheet, so for 24 cupcakes you’ll want to print the sheet 2 times.

Mother's Day Cupcake Toppers - Step 1

Step 2: Cut the printable cupcake toppers apart with scissors.

Mother's Day Cupcake Toppers - Step 2

Step 3: Glue a topper to the end of each lollipop stick. Make sure the stick comes out straight from the bottom of the topper. Once you’ve glued each one flip it over to take a look and make sure it’s straight.

Mother's Day Cupcake Toppers - Step 3Mother's Day Cupcake Toppers - Step 3A

Step 4: Set the toppers aside to let the glue dry completely.

Step 5: Cut the pink ribbon into 24 strips of about 2 inches each.

Step 6: Once the glue has dried on the cupcake toppers, use the pink ribbons to tie a small bow around the lollipop stick at the base of each topper.

Mother's Day Cupcake Toppers - Step 6

Step 7: Prepare your Happy Mother's Day Cupcakes.

Mother's Day Cupcake Toppers - Step 7

Step 8: Insert a finished cupcake topper into the center of each cupcake.

Mother's Day Cupcake Toppers - Step 8

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