DIY Paper Hearts Banner

Chain of Hearts Craft


  • construction paper in red, pink, and purple
  • scissors
  • marker
  • clear tape
  • spray glue (optional)
  • glitter (optional)

DIY Valentine's Day Garland



Step 1: Fold paper in half and draw half of a heart shape along the fold.

Step 2: Cut heart out.

Step 3: Cut center of the heart out so you are left with a hollow heart shape when you open the heart.

Valentine's Day Paper Heart Garland Craft

Step 5: Repeat steps 1 – 4 to make as many hearts as you need in the various colors you desire.

Step 6 (optional): If you wish to provide texture and contrast to the paper garland, use spray glue on a few of the hearts and sprinkle them with glitter. Shake off excess, and you have sparkly hearts to add to your paper chain.

Paper Heart Chain Craft - Glitter

Step 7: Cut a slit in the bottom of each heart. Thread hearts through each other.

DIY Paper Heart Garland - Step 7

Step 8: After connecting the hearts, close each heart with a small piece of tape on the back.

Valentine's Day Paper Heart Garland

Step 9: Hang with Paper Heart Chain with tape, Command No Damage Picture Hanging Strips, or thumb tacks.You can also hang it by simply hooking the end hearts over the corners of a framed mirror, artwork, or curtain rod.

DIY Paper Heart Banner

Tip: I used inexpensive construction paper, but this garland can be made with decorative scrapbook paper for an even more colorful effect.

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