easy Christmas decorations

6 Easy Holiday Decorations to Make with Kids

Easy Holiday Decorations

Decorating your house for Christmas is a great way to get into the holiday spirit with your kids. This winter, gather your family and a few craft supplies to enjoy making ornaments for your tree, decorating your door, or adorning your table top this Christmas season. All of these projects are budget and kid friendly!


Homemade Tree Ornaments


Image 1: Use glue and glitter to decorate clear glass ball ornaments you can buy at the craft store. Henry Happened

Image 2: Create a snowflake ornament using jigsaw puzzle pieces. Lisa's Craft Blog

Image 3: Create colorful Christmas trees by painting and gluing together craft sticks. Add pom-poms as the ornaments. Formula Mom



Image 4: Glue and wrap yard and buttons around foam cones. HGTV

Image 5: Glue dollar store snowflakes to a flat wreath. Add ribbon to hang. BH&G

Image 6: Add Washi tape to clear tea lights. Lebenslustiger

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