DIY: Felt Ball Trivet

This is a pretty easy felting project with an adorable and useful end product.


What You’ll Need:

  • Roving Wool – in a variety of colors
  • Soap
  • Hot Water
  • Cold Water
  • A Towel
  • String
  • Needle

First, you’ll spread the wool out thin and evenly.

Then squirt a little bit of soap onto the wool – a little goes a long way!

Make as much of a ball from the wool as you can with your fingers. Dip it just a little bit, into the hot water. Then, as you would to make a ball with clay, use your hands in a circular motion to begin forming the ball shape.

Continue to form a ball, starting out with a looser grip and gradually pressing harder  to make the ball firmer. Take occasional mini-breaks and alternating dipping the ball into the hot and cold water. The shock into the cold water makes the ball get firmer and makes the fibers lock together. Do this until your ball is hard and the soap is gone.

You’ll want to make all of your balls about the same size so the trivet doesn’t get lop sided. Once you have made all of your balls, get ready to string them by placing them in the order you like.

Using a needle and sting (I used embroidery floss) String the balls together, leaving a tiny bit of space to allow the circular shape.

Once you have threaded them all, tie the two ends together tightly. You can use a strong glue as well to ensure the ends stay in place.

And you’re finished! Enjoy your new colorful trivet!


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