DIY: Gold Color Blocked Shakers

I was getting a little tired of our ho-hum salt and pepper shakers so I glammed them up with some gold!

This is an easy and really affordable way to make your plain shakers original and pretty.

Here is what you’ll need!

– White Salt and Pepper Shakers

– Gold Enamel Paint

– Foam Brush

– Masking Tape (mine’s pink 🙂

– An Oven

Make sure you wash and dry your shakers well so the paint will go on smoothly and stick. Tape off the section you want painted.

Then start painting! Add one coat at a time.

Allow sufficient time for the paint to dry. Otherwise the paint could clump and come off!

Once you’ve added as many coats as you would like, allow it to dry to the touch. Then remove the tape!

Now you’re ready for baking! Cooking enamel paint (according to the directions on the bottle) makes it so the paint adheres to the ceramic permanently. Before you bake, make sure to remove any plastic plugs from the bottom so as not to melt them.

Now fill them up and enjoy your new shakers!