DIY: Star Spangled Shirt

Using spray paint to create a tie-dye effect is a great alternative to using dyes.  It’s easier and a lot less messy.  This one is extra patriotic by adding stars that peek through. 



  • T-shirt (prewashed)
  • Spray paint (red and blue)
  • Freezer paper
  • Sharpie
  • Razor knife
  • Iron
  • Drop cloth



Begin by freehand drawing stars on the dull side of the freezer paper



Vary the sizes of the stars and cut them all out with the razor knife



Arrange the stars on your shirt with the shiny side face down



Press the stars with a hot iron to set the stars to the shirt.  Makes sure the star points have been adhered.  Repeat on the back of the shirt.


Place the shirt on a drop cloth outdoors



Using a steady spray, apply the red paint in a stripe pattern leaving enough room for a blue stripe later.  Let dry a few minutes



Add the blue stripes in the still white sections.  Let dry about 5 minutes



Remove the freezer paper stars



Let dry overnight before wearing.  Hang outside to reduce fumes.



Let your kids enjoy their star-spangled shirts!