Birthday Cards Gone Regal

Everyone deserves a crown on their birthday, why not make it a beautifully designed crown? Present & Correct brings us the King and Queen durable paper cards that double as crowns, an excellent way to make your little one feel extra special on their birthday.

The fun doesn't have to stop on birthdays — why not treat someone to a crown just-because? The paper crown cards come with the message 'King for the Day' or 'Queen for the Day' displayed on the front. King comes in a soft sea foam green on a white background, and Queen comes in a coral pink on a yellow background. Lines are included in the design for you to write your own special message.




Each crown comes with a space to personalize with a name, so mixing royal crowns is of no concern. They would be great for a birthday hat, favors at a royal themed party, or to keep as a special treat for a rainy day.

Purchase a King or Queen Crown Card from Present & Correct for £3.50, just under $6 each.