Top 6 Crafting Items

March is International Craft Month. Makes sense to us. Though the calendar may say spring, the weather can be iffy.

While away the days until the playground is more inviting with craft playdate. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite suggestions for tapping into your child’s imagination.


1. Alex Toys Fold ‘N Fly ($18.99)

While we’re not sure if this is technically a craft, it does involve paper and stickers and certainly appeals to boys. Includes 18 airplane designs.

2. My Friendship Maker ($27.99)

For older girls (think ages 7 and up) this handy little contraption will amuse for hours. There are instructions on how to make loads of colorful bracelets. Well constructed, everything tucks away neatly when not in use.

3. Potholder Kit ($18)

We like a craft that can also serve a purpose. This kit can turn an afternoon’s work into a colorful kitchen accessory, plus it teaches the basics of weaving.

4. Discovery Toys Paper Recycling Studio ($24.99)

Part science project, part craft, this kit allows you to recycle your own paper at home. Allows kids to embed objects and paint with pulp.

5. EyeCanArt Sumi-e Ink Painting Kit ($26)

Grab a smock and get ready to work in traditional Asian Black liquid watercolor. The kit includes everything you need to make prints: sponge, sumi-e paper, bamboo brush, etc.

6. Melissa & Doug Stamp Set ($8.99)

This handy set includes pencils, ink pads (washable) and stamps. You simply supply the paper. Give your kids the job of creating birthday cards for the year and then pull out a card from your stash as the parties hit the calendar.