How to Make Paper Airplanes: 9 Tutorials That Fly Sky High

Folding and flying paper airplanes is something every kid needs to do. This was one of the activities that my dad has dreamed of doing with my son Kai since he was an itty bitty baby. My dad bought a book full of paper airplane instructions that he kept in the closet of his office. As soon as Kai got old enough, my dad whipped out the book and went into full-on grandpa mode. Kai and my dad are BFFs and can fold and fly paper airplanes for hours. They create targets all over the house and even fly them off my dad’s seventh story balcony.

The boys have folded dozens of paper airplanes—some that flew far, and some that were total duds. Here is how to make paper airplanes (with instructions included) that successfully fly far and high. Get your little pilots’ imaginations soaring, and check out the paper airplanes and tutorials in the slideshow.


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