Playful: The Best Craft Book for Kids, Ever


If you haven’t heard of or seen the new craft books for kidsPlayful, then you are in for a real treat! Merrilee Liddiard, the popular blogger of Mer Mag, is the creator and author behind the book, and true to her style, the book is stunning. All of the crafts are stylish and creative, which is perfect for our little ones!



I have been through the book over and over with my son; he loves looking at the pictures and picking out which projects he wants to do next. It’s fantastic! We have made several of the crafts from the book, and they have all turned out perfectly. The most recent one we made was the lion mask. My son chose the colors of paper he wanted and I helped him with the templates, but he did pretty much everything else.


It’s a fantastic way to keep your little ones creatively active now that fall is in full swing and playtime is heading indoors. So do yourself and your kids a favor and check out this book!

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