[FREE PRINTABLES] DIY Back-to-School Binder Separators Template


Getting all of my back-to-school supplies together used to be one of my favorite things! I loved picking out binders and pencils and lunch boxes and all that jazz. This year, to help with your kids’ back-to-school prep, I’ve got these easy, printable binder separators to keep everything organized! You can download and print them in a snap, and then it’s just a few more steps before your kiddos are ready for the school year.




Step 1: Download and print the binder separators.


Step 2: Cut out the four titles for the tabs. Fold them in half and slip them into the slots on the self adhesive tabs.


Step 3: Punch holes in the separator sheets and insert them into the binder. Peel the adhesive strips off of the tabs and stick each one onto its appropriate page.


Step 4: Fill the binder with blank paper and add it to your child’s school supplies. Have a great school year!


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