DIY Kids Bug Catcher

One of my favorite things to do growing up was to catch bugs! Yep, I was definitely not a girly girl! When my son was younger he used to love catching bugs too. Of course I always encouraged him to set them free after they’d been in the jar or container for a short while so we didn’t wake up to a jar of dead bugs the next day. We used to use a plain jar with a few holes in the lids to hold our bugs, but I thought it would be a fun craft idea to decorate a bug catcher jar with the kids.



  • quart jar with a lid: 1
  • red paint
  • black paint
  • pipe cleaners (red or black): 2
  • white ½ inch pom poms: 2
  • pink or red ½ inch pom poms: 2
  • hot glue gun and glue
  • sticks and grasses


Step 1: Remove the lid from the jar and have an adult poke several holes in the lid with a center punch or another type of hole punch.

Step 2: Paint the outside of the lid with red paint and set it aside to dry.

bug catcher craft step 1-2

Step 3: Once the paint has dried, add black spots to the top of the lid, wherever you’ve poked a hole.

Step 4: While the spots on the lid are drying, paint a black spot on the front of each of the white pom poms to make the center of the bug’s eye.

bug catcher craft step 3

Step 5: Once the paint has dried, combine the 2 pipe cleaners by twisting them together at one end. Wrap them once around the outside edge of the jar lid, then give them a twist in the back. Leave 2 even tails for antennae.

bug catcher craft step 5

Step 6: Glue a pink or red pom pom to the top of each antenna with a hot glue gun.

Step 7: Glue the white pom pom eyes to the opposite side of the lid (the front).

Step 8: Add some twigs, flowers, and grasses to the inside of the jar, screw the lid on, and you’re ready for some bug hunting! 

bug catcher craft final 1

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