Underwear Puppets

You’ve heard of sock puppets.  We’ve all heard of sock puppets. They’re tried and they’re true. But have you heard of hat puppets?  Have you heard of shoe puppets?  Have you heard of – dare I say it – underpants puppets?


This suggestion comes to you courtesy of its inventor, my seven-year-old son.  He finds it quite amusing and fun – and we hope you do, too.

What do you need to participate in this fine, fun, family activity?  Not much.

You need:

  • some paper
  • some crayons
  • Scotch tape 
  • And some creativity, of course!

The idea is to make some simple and funny puppets using stuff you have around the house.  Don’t have craft eyes on hand?  No problem!  Your kids can just draw some eyes on paper, then cut them out and tape to the garment in question.

Once all the puppets have been created, they get to strut their stuff, of course, in a puppet show.  Does an underpants puppet have a different speaking voice than a shoe puppet?  You’ll get to find out.  I think that the kids should be in charge of the dramatics, and the parents should get to relax and enjoy the spectacle. 

And yes, if your kids want, they can make good old fashioned sock puppets today, too.