DIY Felt Faces

When the kids are sick of Play-Doh and it’s too rainy or cold to play outside, I like to whip out the craft supplies. One of my favorite easy kid crafts is this adorable DIY felt face that you can make to resemble the classic Mr. Potato Head


The fun part of this homemade felt version is how you can customize your felt face and get the whole family involved. Young kids like to simply identify features, while older kids can help design and cut out the silly felt shapes. This fun activity of changing up different features on the felt face entertains my kids to no end.

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felt scissors fabric glue


  • scraps of crafting felt
  • stiff piece of cardboard (like a piece of a cardboard box)
  • strip of Velcro, sticky-back
  • scissors
  • needle and thread
  • fabric glue
  • chalk


round felt pieces

Step 1: Start by tracing a large oval onto a piece of felt for the face. Cut the oval out. Cut the same shape out of a sturdy cardboard piece, and glue the felt on top of the cardboard piece. This will make a nice sturdy base for your felt face.

felt mouth mustache

Step 2: Start cutting out some shapes for the face. Since I’m not great at freehand drawing, I looked up some cartoon shapes online to come up with some ideas. I traced with chalk onto the felt before cutting. Cut out a couple different types of ears, eyes, hair, mouths, mustaches, eyebrows, hats, etc.

chalk felt round

Step 3: For the hair pieces, you may want to use your face shape as a guide to cut the right size.

scissors cutting velcro strips

Step 4: Arrange a few pieces on the face to see how they look, and note where you should attach the Velcro on the face. Then cut the Velcro into a few small pieces.

round felt velcro pieces

Step 5: Arrange the teeth-side Velcro on the face in the locations where the face features will go.

velcro pieces on felt face

Step 6: Attach a piece of the soft-side Velcro onto each face feature.

fabric glue

Step 7: Use the fabric glue to reinforce each piece onto the face.

needle thread velcro felt

Step 8: Make a few small stitches to reinforce the Velcro onto the face features. You may not need to do this depending on the strength of your glue.

mr potato head felt face

You’re done! You can place the face features in a plastic zipper bag for storage.

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