There’s Never Enough Time For Fun In The Sun With Inflatables

I’m not one to love getting in the water, but my son loves it (who else feels me on this??). I take him to swim lessons weekly and when we’re out in the Hamptons I make a point to get in the water with him. A hack to make it better for myself? I ask my husband to spray tan me with a professional mister! It’s literally the best beauty hack/investment you can make to boost your bikini confidence and takes little skills.

Also warming the pool is important. It’s not fun getting into a freezing body of water – even if it’s super hot out. Anyone who has a pool knows how insanely expensive it is to heat a pool, especially these days. I’ve got another hack for that – Inflatable Solar Heaters. Just make sure to cross-check how big your pool is to make sure you have enough.

I also get active. Being a parent, especially those first few years, usually means joint pain and water is great for that. I’ve done crunches while lounging in the above tube and jumped grasping onto the below oversized ball. Both are from FUNBOY, the float brand of choice for fashion industry types (a.k.a. if you’re in the Hamptons this is the brand you see everywhere). Note it’s soooo important to lather yourself and your kids with a ton of sunscreen, especially when you’re in the water. The above tube is so comfortable a friend of mine ended up falling asleep in it and woke up so badly burned that she blistered.

If you don’t want to get that chemical smell from the pool or aren’t by a beach or any body of water for that matte, there’s a hack for that too – a sprinkler!

They’re so easy to set up and amazing for burning calories and getting kids’ energy out and, also, for just plain cooling down. I highly recommend them for any outdoor parties as well – all ages love these. The above one is from FUNBOY and the below one is from GoFloats. We set up for two recent birthday celebrations and they were a hit.

There’s also classics like a poolside basketball hoop to stay active while helping to work on team building skills and coordination. The GoSports Splash is durable and affordable.

GoFloats has a bunch of other options that work for in-pool as well as outdoor fun. I love the below oversized football!

And their flamingo was a big hit! See below from our party last weekend…

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