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7 DIY Fidget Toys for Kids

Whether your child has been diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or they suffer from anxiety, you may notice them fidgeting, tapping their feet or drumming their fingers on a table. And if they’re doing that at home, they’re doing it at school (if they happen to be in-person at school these days) or during remote school. That’s where fidget toys can help a child (or teen) who has a hard time focusing.

While it may seem like fidgets toys were at one point a fad, we have learned that for those who need them, fidget toys are a way to calm the anxiety, calm the nerves, settle the body, focus the attention, and improve concentration.

And while you can purchase fidget toys almost anywhere these days, there are some great DIY opportunities if you’re the creative type or even if you are the not-so-crafty type. Keep reading to learn how to make seven fun sensory and fidget toys from objects around the house or with scrap craft supplies.

7 DIY Fidget Toys for Kids

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