Ice Age Continental Drift on Digital HD

Have your kids been looking forward to seeing Ice Age Continental Drift? Good news! You can own it first—Fox is releasing this touching and kooky animated film on DHD. What’s DHD? It stands for Digital High-Definition, and here’s how it works: for a great low price, you can download a high-definition version of the movie weeks early, all right from the comfort of your own home!

This means you and your kids can watch Ice Age: Continental Drift anytime, anywhere  on Digital HD.

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Ready to download the newest Ice Age film? Click here:

In this heartwarming sequel, the Ice Age gang is back! Manny, Diego, and Sid return for another rip-roaring, epic adventure when their continent is set adrift. Traveling the high-seas on an iceberg, they get into lots of trouble—all while providing tons of laughs, of course! Captured by a crew of villainous pirates, the gang must escape and find a way to return home. Join this boat-load of lovable new characters for original songs, spectacular animation and heartwarming family fun. You’ll love this Ice Age movie as much as your kids, but you’ll really love owning it weeks early and downloading it without ever leaving your home (or even changing out of your PJs!).

Download this today and plan a Family Movie Night with your little ones!