17 Questions: Camila Alves Fills Us In

Meet our October guest editor, Camila Alves! The entreprenuer, model, and designer has been married to Matthew McConaughey since June 2012, and the couple have three children together: Levi, 6, Vida 4, and Livingston, 1. Alves recently took some time out from her busy schedule to fill us in on her travels, her family, and more:

On top of your busy career, you’ve said that you and the kids travel with Matthew when he’s working. Being on the road with young children is family unity, priceless, building character, and making memories to be remembered for the rest of our lives.


The most adventurous traveler in your family is all of us.

The place you’d love to visit again with the kids is Kenmone, in Ontario, Canada. It was beautiful!

The most surprising experience you’ve ever had while traveling was that I fell in love with the city of New Orleans!

When you’re not on a movie set, home is where we are as a family.

Your favorite thing to do at home is cook, do projects with my kids, and watch the sunset with a glass of wine (when I can!).

You keep your children grounded by not making material things a big deal. They understand the value of a dollar. For example, my daughter keeps losing her hair accessories, and I told her I didn’t have any extra money to buy more, that we had a budget for hair accessories. Guess what? She started to save them all in her backpack when she took them off at school! When they ask for extra things in the supermarket I tell them that I only have enough money to buy the things that we need and that if they want any extra things that we do not need, they will have to buy them with their own money.

Raising boys compared to raising a girl is a breeze.

Describe each pregnancy in one word: super easy (Levi), challenging (Vida), and the hardest one of all (Livingston).

You were inspired to name your daughter Vida, because Vida means life in Portuguese, which is my native language. It is the only girl name I had the whole time. I knew if we had a daughter, there would be no other way to describe her than as being full of life!

You beat stress by not making a big deal out of small things.

Your favorite beauty secret is sleep when I can.

Your morning routine is crazy!!!

You wish you had more time to sleep and time for me here and there…but I am getting more “me” time as the kids are getting older and going to school.

You swear by showing your kids love and respect and talking to them NOT like babies.

The thing you’re looking forward to most is every day.

Next, you hope to do more of the same that I am doing now, with a little more sleep of course!