Now With Two Sons, Elizabeth Banks Needs Sleep; Eats More Bananas Than Cookies To Stay Thin


The Hunger Games star Elizabeth Banks shares how she's managing her latest role: being the mom of two sons, Felix and Magnus. 

Elizabeth is juggling motherhood and career, but not flawlessly.  She admits, "“Even though I have a baby that wakes up anywhere between 5:30 and 6:30 in the morning, I still cannot get myself to bed before, like, 1 a.m. every night. I am falling apart under the weight of lack of sleep.”

Despite her lack of sleep, Elizabeth knows it's important that she keeps herself fit and healthy for their sake.  “I have two boys; they’re going to be physical. If I want to go skiing with them when they’re teenagers, I have to stay fit. People ask me how I stay thin, and I'm like, 'When you go to the grocery store, buy more bananas than cookies.' "   She and her husband also cut their meals in half.  "Portion control is a real problem.  My husband and I always split one appetizer and one entree. I'm sure waiters hate us."


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