Rebecca Romijn Calls Raising Twins ‘A Crazy Social Experiment’

Rebecca Romijn muses about the craziness of raising twin daughters.

The celebrity mom shared that raising 2-year-old twin girls who are complete opposites has been an interesting ride: “It’s just like a crazy social experiment where you have these two people who were born on the same day, who have been raised in identical upbringings in the same bedroom and they could not be more different as people. People are just born how they are born and there’s nothing you can do to change that.”

She jokes that Charlie is the girly-girl, but Dolly is the daredevil:  “[She’s like,] ‘Where is a giant piece of furniture I can stand on top of and almost die?’ I feel like we’re getting through the death watch period where they might almost die, but hopefully we’re going to start communicating and explain why you can’t stand on that really tall piece of furniture. ”

Rebecca admits that she won’t take them out by herself right now, as she doesn’t want to be stuck in a situation that would compromise their safety:  “They’re at this age where they run off in opposite directions from one another, so I’m still not really brave enough to take them out alone by myself because you can’t run in two directions. So if you’re in the middle of the parking lot and they both just drop dead weight … Jerry’s big enough, he’s brave enough, to scoop down and pick them both up, but they’re getting to be big people!”

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