Mariah Carey Is Not Ready To Confirm Her Pregnancy

Mariah Carey speaks out about the pregnancy rumors..sort of.

Mariah and her husband Nick Cannon have been fielding questions for several weeks about whether or not they are expecting their first child together.  Earlier in July, Nick said that the rumors were false, but this week photos emerged of the pop singer performing in Brazil and the rumor mill started buzzing again.  Nick spoke out on Monday: "when my wife feels like talking about whatever she wants to talk about, you will hear it directly from her." 

Yesterday Mariah finally released a statement: “I appreciate everyone’s well wishes. But I am very superstitious. When the time is right, everyone will know – even Cindi Berger.” (Cindi is her rep) So, what do you think?  Is she saying in a round about way that she IS pregnant?  I would think that if she's not expecting, they would've just denied the rumors flat out?

Mariah Carey, black sequin mini dress, black high heels