Unlock a World of Adventure for Kids with Reading!

Reading unlocks a world of adventure for children. This summer it’s made me happy to see my kids hidden away with books, books piled on the floor next to the bookcase, and books left throughout the house. 


My oldest son, who has dyslexia, didn’t learn to read until he was twelve. Then one day, while we were reading a book, something clicked. All of a sudden we had come across a story that captured his attention enough to make him want to read on his own. The frustration from struggling for all those years didn’t matter because he had to read the next chapter, then the next installment, then the next series. 

While my son is not a fast reader, he now loves to read. It just took the right book to spark the interest and overcome his disability. 

My son is fortunate since we have the ability to purchase books and live only a mile from a large and beautiful public library. My children are used to visiting the library, bringing home bags of books, then returning them every month for more new adventures. 

Many children are not so fortunate. They are unable to afford books of their own and do not have easy access to the public library. Without access to good books, these children are unable to learn through literature and stories. 

Because reading is something I’m very passionate about, I was excited to learn about JetBlue’s program, Soar with Reading, which gets books in the hands of children who need them. 

JetBlue has partnered with one of our favorite book series, Magic Tree House. My boys became interested in the Magic Tree House series years ago, so I stocked up on the books whenever I attended the book fair. We now have over twenty Magic Tree House books and they are a favorite for all my kids. 

This summer JetBlue hopes to donate $500,000 worth of books but they need your help. By guessing where Jack and Annie (of Magic Tree House) are traveling you can help them donate more books! For every guess submitted on the Soar with Reading website JetBlue will donate a book. 

Not only can your family guess where Jack and Annie are going next, there are also printables and activities for the kids. Soar with Reading is a great resource site and a great way to give all children the gift of reading. 

Sign online with your kids and visit Soar with Reading to answer questions and help donate books to children in need. 

This post was sponsored by JetBlue

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