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Top 10 Animal Cartoon Shows for Kids

Animals have been the main characters or protagonists of many cartoon shows for generations, and these shows have been loved by all, young and old. So if your kids love animals and are looking for an animated show to watch, then make sure they watch the below-mentioned cartoon shows over the holidays. 

1. Curious George: Peacock

This animal cartoon show tells the tale of an African monkey, George, who always runs into trouble due to his curiosity, but is always saved by his friend, “The Man in the Yellow Hat.” The show revolves around forgiveness, learning and curiosity.


2. Puffin Rock: Netflix

Puffin Rock showcases the adventures of Oona, the Puffin, and her baby brother, Baba, on the coast of Ireland. The show explores how Oona, along with her family and friends, learns and explores nature, friendship and family.

3. Bluey: YouTube

Even adults will love to watch this Australian animal cartoon show. Bluey follows the story of an over-enthusiastic and imaginative Blue Heeler puppy, Bluey, who turns his mundane life adventurous with her younger sister, Bingo, through various plays and acts.

4. Pandy Paws – Gabby’s Dollhouse: Netflix Jr. 

Your kids will love Pandy Paws, who is Gabby’s best friend and her favorite stuffed animal. Together the duo explore fantasy words and deal with real-life problems like growing up and friendship, singing and dancing through their journey.

5. Timmy Time: Disney Channel

Timmy Time is the story of a mischievous little lamb named Timmy who has a lot to learn as he heads off to nursery. Every day Timmy learns something new with the help of his supportive new friends.

6. Paw Patrol: Nickelodeon

If your kids love puppies and adventure, then this animal cartoon show is for them. Paw Patrol revolves around six brave rescue puppies – Rocky, Rubble, Chase, Marshall, Zuma, Skye and later Everest – who save the day along with their tech-savvy ten-year-old captain, Ryder. Together the team works in various risky rescue missions to save the residents of the Adventure Bay community.

7. Franklin and Friends: Nickelodeon 

This cartoon show will be a perfect pick for your preschooler. This 90’s show tells the story of the smart, six-year-old turtle, Franklin, and how he faces various challenges of growing up. Franklin and his other animal friends teach new things to their audience in every episode.

8. Pinecone & Pony: Apple TV+ 

Pinecone & Pony show is all about being yourself and chasing your dream. The show tells the story of a young girl named Pinecone and her best friend, Pony, who have embarked on a journey together as Pinecone wishes to become a warrior.

9. Mickey Mouse’s Clubhouse: Disney Junior 

Another animal cartoon show that your preschooler will love is Mickey Mouse’s Clubhouse. On the show, everyone’s favorite Mickey and Minnie, along with their friends Goofy, Daisy, Pluto and Donald, go on various educational adventures and impart important lessons in a fun way.

10. Arthur: PBS Kids

It is an animated educational-entertainment television series that has been teaching kids about life and its various challenges for decades. Arthur, along with his animal friends and family, teaches kids how to face bullies, do homework and other real-world struggles. 

So next time your kid wants to watch some TV, put on these fun and educational shows for them to watch and learn. Screen time could be both entertaining and pedagogic with these cartoon shows for kids.

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