5 Best Educational YouTube Channels for Kids To Watch

When it comes to YouTube, as a parent you have to be sure that your child watches educational as well as entertainment content appropriate as per their age. But with so many YouTube channels, finding the right one for your little munchkin can get a little problematic. But worry not, we have compiled a list of a few YouTube channels that will keep your kids hooked for hours while educating them. Read on to learn more about the channels. 

1. Bright Side

Bright Side

Bright Side is a perfect YouTube channels for kids with curious minds, who want to know about the world and astonishing facts about the universe. The channel also keeps its viewers engaged with interesting riddles and brain teasers about science and psychology among others.


2. TED-Ed

With a mission “to create lessons worth sharing,” TED-Ed offers interesting facts on various topics. As per their official channel page, the channel “feed and expand your curiosity” with their “award-winning animated shorts.” If your kid wants to know what will happen if the Sahara desert is covered with solar panels, how to beat smallpox or how stress affects the body and so on, then switch on to this channel to find the answers. 

3. Homeschool Pop

Does your child go to elementary school? If yes, then Homeschool Pop is a must-watch channel for your kids. It is an “elementary learning channel from a real homeschool dad named Daniel.” The main aim of the channel is to create engaging and unique learning videos for elementary children. The channel covers topics from maths to history to biology to geography, and even social studies to boost your child’s general knowledge.

4. Netflix Jr. 

Your kids will surely love this YouTube channel. With Netflix Jr., your kids “can learn, sing and play with their favorite Netflix characters – from StoryBots to Super Monsters and everyone in between.” The DIY videos are an added bonus to let the child experiment with different things at the end. 

5. Blippi

It’s going to be a fun ride with Blippi. He helps kids understand the world and even encourages vocabulary development among the little ones while teaching children about colors, numbers, shapes, and more. It’s a perfect channel for preschoolers who are curious to know the world around them.

6. Nat Geo Kids

Nat Geo Kids

If your child loves to know about wild creatures or animal kingdom, Nat Geo Kids should be on your playlist. The channel is apt for kids of all age groups as it features videos about culture, animals, and science, among others. The channel has short but informative videos to help feed your kid’s curiosity. 

Apart from these, there are many other education channels for kids on YouTube, like Sesame Streets, Mother Goose Club, Dodo Kids, Be Smart, and so on, that will teach them something valuable. 

But before choosing any YouTube channels for kids, make sure you first see a couple of episodes of the show to get a clear idea about its content. Only if you find the content appropriate, introduce your kid to the channel.

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