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Oliver Hudson Says that Mom, Goldie Hawn, Has a Killer Breakfast Spread

Actor Oliver Hudson is becoming known for his regular praise of mom, Goldie Hawn. Recently, he supported an open letter his mom wrote in USA Today regarding the effect of Covid-19 on the mental health of children. This week, though, he’s praising her for just being a good mom.

Speaking to Janine Rubenstein on the PEOPLE Every Day podcast, Hudson explained some of the benefits of living back at home with our favorite Goldie.


Hudson Says Goldie Hawn is an Amazing Cook

According to Hello, Hudson and his family have been waiting out a home remodel with Hawn and husband, Kurt Russell. But, alas, all good things must come to an end. Hudson told Every Day that they were moving out just in time for the Super Bowl. While Hudson must be thrilled to start fresh in a remodeled home, he knows his mom will “be sad.”


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Hudson admits, though, that living at home again at 45 comes with benefits. Specifically, breakfast benefits and the “pocketbook” benefits aren’t too bad, either.

“Let me tell you something, when you said it lightens up the pocketbook, I couldn’t agree more,” Hudson related to Rubenstein. “I could save so much money by just convincing my family to live with my parents.” He, of course, goes on to joke that it ultimately wouldn’t “go over well.”


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But being so close to family seems to have meant a great deal to him, and the breakfasts have apparently been stellar. “When I’m dealing with kids in the morning, it’s like you’re lucky if you get a piece of toast, because you’re late,” he says. “My mom has got a whole bread.” Which he goes on to like to “being at a little bed and breakfast.”

At the time of the podcast, Hudson said that Hawn’s “biscuits and gravy and eggs” make it difficult to return home. “There’s a chance we won’t leave, I’ll tell you that.”

Were you aware the Goldie Hawn is the queen of breakfast? Don’t you kind of want to have a “breakfast spread” now? Let us know in the comments below.

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