How I’m Bonding With My Techy Kids Over Our Shared Love Of LEGO

Is there any feeling better than when you get a new LEGO set? Opening the bags, sorting the pieces, making the set and then sitting back and enjoying my handiwork. The kids are the same, but lately, we’ve been taking our love of LEGO to all new heights using the LEGO Life app.

What is LEGO life?

In its simplest form, LEGO Life is a safe and fun environment for kids to explore their love of LEGO. Sharing and liking photos, joining groups so they can see each other’s creations and get inspired.

LEGO Life takes kids’ love of LEGO and allows it to step into the digital world, letting kids showcase their creativity and connect with other LEGO enthusiasts from the comfort of their loungeroom!

I think one of the main things that my kids love about LEGO Life is the fact that it gives them “out of the box” ideas. Seeing what other kids create and make with their LEGO gives them ideas…and next thing we go off on a building tangent. After watching shows like LEGO Masters, the kids are supercharged with LEGO ideas and constantly trying to create new things with the LEGO they have.

BONDING? Really? Yep!

You might think I’m crazy for saying this is helping me to bond with my kids, but yes it is. We are strengthening our LEGO bond because I’m kind of old school, I make LEGO creations using the bricks and my brain and hope it turns out ok. But with the help of LEGO life, we are coming up with new ideas and taking on new challenges, and because other kids have made them- it means they are achievable!

Often it means that we are digging through the LEGO boxes and finding bricks to make something totally random, like easter bunnies, or watching the brickspiration videos together to create something we would never have thought of.

Can’t they just play with LEGO offline?

Sure, they can, but using LEGO life opens up a whole realm of creating, re-creating and creating again that sometimes it is hard to find inspiration for. It’s a much safer and more controlled environment for kids than surfing YouTube looking for build ideas and it shares the stories of other builders and allows kids to connect with LEGO designers to ask questions and make suggestions.

With more and more technology becoming part of our lives, it is awesome to have a safe space for kids to play with their LEGO in a digital environment. There is also a whole wealth of content based around kids LEGO interests, from finding out more about their favourite LEGO friends characters to how-to videos teaching tips and tricks that will take their building to a whole new creative and experimental level.

LEGO has taken the guesswork out of whether an environment is safe for kids, with their Digital Child Safety promise. Kids are represented solely as avatars and are constantly given reminders via Captain Safety on the digital pledge they have signed when using the platform.

So what’s stopping you? Take my word for it- you need the LEGO Life app! Have a play yourself, so you can see how it works and what the environment feels like, then introduce the kids to it- and get ready for all the creativity. Head here for more info.

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